One of the side effects of the flood that struck Colorado the week before HHC 2013 was that I had to move a lot of stuff out of my mother's basement. My stuff was high enough off the floor to avoid damage, and among that stuff was this picture from a photo shoot for the University of Colorado College of Engineering student magazine some thirty-plus years ago. One of the pictures from the set ran on the final page of an issue (the page usually reserved for a joke or other funny item) with the caption "I told the professor I didn't need to use the computer!"

I wish I could say that all of the calculators in the picture were mine but alas no. And that's not an 01 on my wrist (alas again).

Another box contained a varied set of calculators. Casio: fx-502p, HP: 10, 45, 80, TI: SR-10, SR-11, TI-58. Predictably, not a working battery in the set. The HP-10 works with the battery from my 19C. I don't have a Classic battery pack or charger so I'll have to cobble something together to test the 45 and 80. The SR-10 works when I put in a fresh set of AA batteries. The SR-11 has a couple of broken wires. I'll have to solder them back when I get a chance, but this notice on the inside gives me pause :-)

There was a Sharp PC-1300S in a different box, and that machine works perfectly after all these decades (even the batteries!). That's the big machine alongside my right arm in the first photo.

Of course, not everything needs batteries. There were half a dozen slide rules as well, including this critter (about 8 inches or 20 centimeters in diameter). And yes, there are scales on the back as well.

More photos and details to follow...